List of 10 high-profile wrongful murder convictions in Canada


TORONTO — The federal government is moving forward with the creation of an independent review commission to consider claims of wrongful convictions. Here are 10 high-profile murder cases that resulted in wrongfully convicted Canadians and how long they spent in prison:

Romeo Phillion: Murder of Ottawa firefighter in 1967 — 31 years.

David Milgaard: Murder of Saskatoon nursing aide in 1969 — 23 years.

Glen Assoun: Killing of former common law spouse in Dartmouth, N.S. — 17 years.

James Driskell: Killing of acquaintance in Winnipeg — 13 years.

William Mullins-Johnson: Sodomization and suffocation of four-year-old niece in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., in 1993 — 12 years.

Donald Marshall Jr: Murder of acquaintance in Sydney, N.S. in 1971 — 11 years.

Steven Truscott: Classmate’s rape and murder near Clinton, Ont., when he was 14 years old — 10 years in prison.

Robert Baltovich: Killing of girlfriend in Toronto in 1990 — 8 years.

Thomas Sophonow: Convicted twice in 1981 murder of 16-year-old donut shop worker in Winnipeg — four years.

Guy Paul Morin: Sex slaying in Queensville, Ont., of nine-year-old neighbour in 1984 — 18 months.

SOURCE: The Canadian Press