Local COVID-19 information and resources


Our team has continued to work feverishly to keep up with the flow of information and resources circulating about the COVID19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic and how it is impacting our Community. With what seems to be an overwhelming number of closures, cancellations, postponements and services restrictions, we have decided to create a single page here on SaultOnline to place this information conveniently at your fingertips.

As many of our viewers have most likely already noticed, there is now a new “COVID-19” menu item which will filter locally relevant COVID-19 information from our regular story flow as well as share links to credible resources available. Our content team will continue to update this page as more information and resources become available so that we all can work together to help “Flatten the Curve“!

It is also worth noting that Algoma Public Health reported today that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Algoma area to date. Despite conducting tests on a number of Algoma area residents, we are happy to pass along that there are no positive results thus far.

To view the current situation here in the Algoma Area, visit the APH website here.