Local Tattoo Artist vying for “Inked Magazine Cover Girl”


SaultOnline received the following note from a very proud sister of a local tattoo artist who has an eye set on winning a competition for a cover position on “Inked Magazine”, in addition to a prize worth $25,000. Krysten recently moved to the Sault from Southern Ontario and is experiencing first hand how supportive and “eager to help” out our Community can be.

My name is Krysten, and I am hoping you will find this as inspiring as I do!

My sister, Katlyn Foisy, a local Tattoo Artist at Discover The Canvas has recently entered a contest to hopefully be the next “ Inked Magazine Cover Girl”, and win $25,000. The continued support from our local community, via online voting, has placed her 1st in her Group for 3 consecutive weeks.

Having first moved here recently from the GTA, I am absolutely amazed by how such a small community has come together for her. With this being an ONLINE based competition, and my sister not having a huge online presence, it means the world to her to know that the majority of these votes are LITERALLY coming from Sault Ste Marie !

With there being 6 weeks left in the contest, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Sault Ste Marie for showing me what a tight knit community I have moved to!!! Everyone is so supportive and eager to help a local girl out in a contest. It’s just amazing.

If anyone wants to vote, it’s totally free. They just need a Facebook login to do so.

Here’s the link! https://cover.inkedmag.com/2020/katlyn-foisy


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