Newest Family Member Goes Missing

Nora Taynor with Aurora

The Traynor’s only had their new dog, Aurora for three days after getting her from Southern Ontario rescue before she got away while on a walk.

Kyna Traynor tells that her new dog, a 2 and half year old  husky-mix named Aurora was just getting to know her new family when she decided to take a little adventure. They haven’t seen the dog for seven days.

“I didn’t even get a chance to walk her at Fort Creek, she slipped out of the car”,  Traynor said. “She looked back at me as if to say, ‘I have to this’

The 45 pound dog is new to the area and most likely staying within a radius of where she went missing.

“There’s been some sightings near fifth line” Traynor said. The most recent in the Allen Side Road area.

Traynor’s daughter posted on the Sault Lost and Found page on facebook to start the search.

‘I’m so very appreciative of the support and help” Traynor said talking about the response to her facebook page.

The family live in the northwest end of town, who rescued last month  after their 15 year old dog died last March.

15 year old Nora connected to Aurora  very quickly, Traynor said.  The family has been out every day and night trying to find the dog. “We figure she’s more than likely moving around the urban areas at night, in order to avoid predators. Hiding , sleeping during the day”

Aurora might be a little timid and skittish if someone spots her.  If you do see a dog looking like Aurora you are asked to call the family at (705) 971-8751 or (705) 541-1683. The Humane Society has also been notified of the missing dog.


  1. Best way to catch a dog like that is to figure out what area she is in and setup a feeding station with a trail cam. When you figure out what time she is feeding you set a live trap.

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