Ontario Closing All Schools for COVID-19


Two million Ontario elementary and high school students are getting an extended March Break. Schools close on Saturday, March 14th. 

Stephen Lecce, Ontario Education Minister, announced a ministerial order to shut the schools. They reopen Monday, April 6th assuming the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained and we do not have wider outbreaks.

In Ontario, March Break is next week. Students still attend school on Friday, March 13th. There was no guidance on why the shutdown did not start immediately.

We do not know of any school-aged child with COVID-19.

This announcement comes after learning that Sophie Gregoire Trudeau had mild flu-like symptoms after returning from London, U.K.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went into self-isolation earlier today while waiting for his wife’s COVID-19 test results as a precautionary measure. PM Trudeau is experiencing no COVID-19 symptoms. 

Ontario COVID-19 Information as of 10:30am Thursday, March 12th:

Negative: 3590

Currently under investigation: 536

Confirmed positive: 54

Resolved: 5

Total number of patients approved for COVID-19 testing to date: 4185


  1. Is the teacher going to get paid ,if you are a steel worker or paid by anyone else they would not get paid

  2. I am not happy with our Ontario government as a who;e…but…I commend them for doing the right thing and closing schools.

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