Ontario Emergency Alert


At 2PM, Ontario issued an emergency alert sent to mobile phones, radios, and TVs. 

The alert asked returning and recent travellers to follow the federal government’s Quarantine Act to stay in their homes and self-quarantine for 14 days to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

The federal government penalties for ignoring the Quarantine Act are fines of up to $1 million or three years in prison.

Returning travellers are at high-risk for spreading COVID-19.

What does self-quarantine mean?

When you return from out of the country, go straight to your house unless you need to stop for gas. Do not go to the grocery store or do other shopping.

It said, “DO NOT visit stores, family or friends.”

The alert urged people to stay home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Health Minister Christine Elliott said Ontario is utilizing every tool to ensure they inform people about the steps they should take.


  1. My father called me to give me the heads up as I have Autism and the noise is too much for me. I just turned my television off and the sound off on my telephone until about 10 after 2. It’s very sad that these notices are incredibly necessary and probably even sadder that people will still not listen. A man who is roughly my husband’s age (49) just passed away from Covid-19 back in my home jurisdiction of Durham he had not traveled and had no underlying medical conditions.

  2. I think they should be trying to get the message out any way they can. People are just not getting it. If interrupting a TV show can finally get people’s attention then so be it. If it saves even one life it was worth it. I can’t believe all the stupidity going on out there. People are risking lives, sometimes just for a visit. Italy’s government has given up. They have announced that they can no longer keep up. Hundreds of people are dying there every day. Is that what you want for your family and friends just because you couldn’t stay home.

  3. Why disrupt people who are sitting home trying to watch T.V., these idiots don’t care plus it’s already over any media including FB, commercials, at stores, etc.

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