Ontario is CLOSED!


Doug Ford and the Ontario government are closing Ontario effective 11:59 pm on Tuesday. 

Essential services and businesses will stay open. The Ontario government will announce on Tuesday the full list of businesses and organizations required to close.  

Snowbirds, families, and spring break vacationers are returning home to Canada. They must ALL self-isolate for 14 days, which means you do not stop at the grocery store or gas station. You go directly home from the airport and stay there for 14 days. 

Unfortunately, some travellers ignored the 14-day self-isolation request. The federal government is considering enacting the Quarantine Act which includes fines up to $1 million and up to 3 years in jail. 

Doug Ford expressed his frustration at people not observing the self-isolation order. He said, “Bottom line, self-isolate, no negotiation.” 

The Ontario school system will not open on April 6 as previously projected. 

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  1. I most certainly agree that things need to be shut down I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t go to those places, more important is the kids staying home. How many times has those young children brought home the flu , a common cold and in my days with children they brought home chicken pox. In most cases children are carriers of many illnesses and this is not their fault by any stretch just the way life has been. If they carried this home to mom and dad who may have underlying issues or grandparents living there those are the ones who would be affected the most.
    So yes please be careful stay safe

  2. I am self employed and do residential construction. I’ve work in little bathrooms to large condo construction and have yet to see any new builds that would be deemed essential. So Mr. Ford, unless its the building of a hospital shut these sights down. It puts more people at risk than you think. The employees at the hardware store are at risk, the employees of the companies the produce the items for sale in those hardware store. Most construction sites leave the workers without the items needed to maintain necessary hygiene. The lives of their loved family members and their children are most certainly put in harms way.
    So please Doug Ford from one citizen of Ontario to another…

  3. Shut down construction it’s time , these people have family too , building a ca wash is not important, yet we have to do until you close all sites, my daughter having her first child and I can’t be with her yet you make us work in un healthy condition stop putting us a risk , come out and help us if it so safe

  4. I am a Tim Hortons worker who has to stay open but I have a sick mother and two young kids I come home to, why don’t we get our time to stay home? Why is a coffee shop essential???? The last few cases have been contracted through places like McDonalds and Tim Hortons so how come we have to stay and not only that all places open have given employees danger pay or a raise during this time, Tim Hortons, nothing absolutely nothing!

    • So go home. That is your choice. You don’t need them to close. If you have kids or health issues or close familt with health issues….these are all reasons to stay home. Going to work now is a personal choice.

      You think your wagr sucks now or that you dont get extra lol just wait its going to get worse when this is all over. If we literally close everything then we get to see the total collapse of the economy.

      Oh ya no COVID19 at McDonalds…it wasn’t for real. Noone is getting sick from take out.

  5. Im trying to stay inside but my landlord management company kicking us out for 6 hours to spray for bed bugs. To make it clear we are not the source for the bugs thats the hoarders next door who have not been sprayed once. When asked where do we all go if theres self isolation they said ts too important to get the spraying done so too bad we have to leave. In case anyone wants to avoid this same uncaring company its York Management in London Ontario.

  6. This is not going to work. They need a complete country shut down. People cannot quarantine themselves when other family members are going in and out of the house to go to work. Everything needs to completely shut down in order to stop this. The Rob Ford is no different then any other politician they need to keep the money coming and that’s why they will not do a complete shutdown.

  7. They denand many different stores to close their business, but what’s so unbelievable is that they dont close the bars, the liquor and beer store, and the marawana stores. That is weird! Why are they allowed to stay open when that is a high public contacts but other different stores can’t stay open for the same reason. Likes usual, Booze and Drugs are always on top over anything more important In life. Piss me off

    • They dont close those stores because our hospitals are not equipt for thousands of people going into to with drawl from alcohol or weed, so there forel its easier and more efficient to keep them open but limit the hours limit how many people wre in at once, ect ect. But if they closed them ao many people whould be in with drawl and filling hospitals that are already maxed out..

        • I used to work in Healthcare. THC and Alcohol withdrawal is a very serious thing that Hospitals are ill equipped to deal with at this time. With Alcohol withdrawal patients end in the ICU 9/10 times. it’s sad when you think about it, but it is what it is.

  8. Have you even looked at the list of what is so called essential. There are more options than what is already open. Nothing much is going to change with this list. Most places non-essential were already shut down. This list gives some places a reason to resume business again.

  9. Every person should be taking this Covid-19 very seriously!!! This is not a cold going around. It is a Global Pandemic!!!! Smarten up people stop being selfish.
    Do your part and stay home for your own health and everyone else so we can stop this virus as soon as possible. This is the time we should all be in this together as it is impacting us all.

    • I’m just waiting for it to Mutate (it’s already starting i’m sure) into something similar to the Spanish Flu. think it’s bad now? wait til the strain change and treatment can’t deal with it. if we all isolate, social distance and take it seriously sure we’ll maybe be ok, but if things keep going the way they are.. it’s not going to be a happy ending for any of us.

  10. This is not going to help…there are still way too many public places open. I thought they were going to take this a lot more serious. People are going out to the hardware stores just to browse as they are bored. I think they should shut the doors to the public. Call in your order and have personal shoppers in the store.

    • I drove past a highschool soccer field on my way home from getting groceries today. Saw at least 30-40 people in the field playing a soccer game. The amount of kids I see playing on playground equipment in our area is staggering. I wouldnt be surprised if Martial Law gets called eventually. it’s really sad that it may come to that but I honestly think it’s gonna happen sooner than later.

  11. Go for it get down to business
    The federal government is considering enacting the Quarantine Act which includes fines up to $1 million and up to 3 years in jail.

    I lost my father 10 March and had to travel to his funeral and rush back to Canada like a headless chicken within 4 days even with me traveling alone my husband and I and our children are all doing the 14 days 14-day self-isolation and will continue to stay away from the public

    SAFETY FIRST WHAT so hard for people to understand and do something positive for the WOLRD the earth we live on – I hear from other lots of people in my town was on holiday and is in-store shopping :o, wow sick people heartless and they brag about it

    People some are making the wrong choice when Canada call for me to come home I rush home and it cost me an arm and leg but I rush back to my family

  12. Clearly ontario is not closed they should make everyone stay home period…. Nothing has changed much on the list provided and those of us who still have to go into work everyday are putting there families and children at Risk still….. unbelievable……

  13. Please close all fast food industries too like Domino’s, Pizza Pizza , PapaJohns, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Burgerking, Wendy’s, and all other restaurants which are kept open and people are still working and delivering food….

  14. How is cleaning service allowed to still work you go in people houses if they are. Carrier and then they give it to the cleaning person and then they give it to there family I really don’t understand

  15. Ok since Sootoday keeps removing this comment again and again I’ll say it here. They need to close the local hotels or scale down immensely. NO one should be travelling and there no excuse. My Fiance is working at a local hotel and going to work tomorrow. I fear for her life and Mine as I have lung problems. Greed. Pure greed.

      • ^ that. our upstairs neighbor chose to stop going to work as his mother is elderly and his wife has MS. He told his boss that he wasn’t about to risk their safety, and his boss agreed. he’s now collecting EI. your wife has the choice to go or not go. I’m sure financially it will be difficult. it’s difficult for a lot of us (myself included) but your safety, and her safety should always come first.

  16. A death of a family member or an economy collapse would be far more detrimental to a child than a year loss in school. Stay safe and inside everyone!

  17. People returning from abroad should be taken to quarantine centers – like they did with Canadians from the Princess. No greeting family, hugging and kissing sessions and swapping droplets. Seriously.. by now they knew about the issues and still trying to get back home..
    I understand the difficulty of not seeing friends and family on return but it will also reduce the risk. Some simply won’t self isolate on their own so it needs to be enforced. The cops don’t have time to be parked outside their house all day for 14 days (or more if they get sick) because of all the other stuff going on.

  18. People complaining about their kids education is stupid, people are dying from this disease, I take my wife to and from work and the amount of kids I see out is ridiculous, obviously the parents dont care that much about their kids health, they care more about a kids education, so what if they have to repeat a year in school do your dam part az a parent and STOP TAKING YOUR KIDS OUT SIDE, AND GROW THE HELL UP

    • The federal public health officer is saying is quite OK for kids to go out, asymptomatic that is, if they follow the social distancing precaution of six feet. That is the only time they probably get to exercise, and this is very important to a child’s growth and development. Of course, children need to be supervised to ensure compliance with the social distancing….it’s fairly easy, I would think, to stay six feet apart if kids are single tobogganing, or single slide matting, and they get the social interaction they need. Again, they need an adult to supervise the social distancing.

    • I live in a condo complex of 185 u it’s & I understand that the kids need to play but when I see a group of kids together and some of them are coughing then touching the other kids pisses me off! Like c’mon your kid has a cold/sick then they shouldn’t be outside playing with other kids PERIOD!!

  19. Thank you for all you have done to help protect us, and help us all protect ourselves and each other. I hope and pray that everyone will listen and put an end to the spread very quickly!
    Thank you to everyone working on the front lines of this at government offices, grocery stores, truck drivers, post office and mail men and women who are still delivering our mail, all essential stores that are staying open and dealing with close contact to others. God bless you all and if I missed anyone, thank you too, for all that you do for us!!

    • Delivery drivers all those skip the dishes people,too. Still working and taking risks to feed those without food, often those who couldn’t afford to bulk buy, our most vulnerable Thanks you guys, too

  20. This is being blown way out of proportion in my opinion… It’s ridiculous that children will most likely have to repeat their year in school when their education is so important… This is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever had to deal with

    • I agree with not sending kids to school 100% I rather my children not get it and perhaps avoid having to be put on ventilators !! I think they should do a whole lockdown !!!

    • Wow. Let me know when u lose a loved one like o did in Italy. I lost 3 already. All young and healthy. School will always be there but your kids lives won’t.

    • Hundreds of People dying and you say this is blowing it out of proportion?? That’s ridiculous. We should be overreacting rather then underestimating because lives are being lost. This is serious.

    • Are u serious right now? Do u not realize the severity of this all? Plz give your head a shake!! Our childrens health and welfare is alot more important right now. Education can be put on hold as their lives are at huge risk being in a classroom.

    • Poor baby. Boo friggin’ hoo to you. Maybe pull your head out of your ass and watch some news feeds. This is the most ridiculous thing you have had to deal with? Who gives a damn if kids have to repeat a grade? Like that is the end of the world. PEOPLE ARE DYING!!! I can’t put it any clearer. And you are worried about kids repeating a school year. You need to get some damn perspective and shut the hell up. Because nobody wants to hear your bullsh*t. There are people losing loved ones over this all because people aren’t taking it seriously and spreading lies such as your statement “that this is being blown out of proportion”. When was the last time you remember several thousand people all dying of the same thing on the same day all over the world? This is real, this is now, and with arrogant/ignorant asses like you, it isn’t going away anytime soon.

  21. I work for a cable tv company doing tech support I have been getting alot of snow birds coming home and needing their tvs turned back on and from talking to them they seem to have things in place having family leave supply’s on their pourch now there are the ones who are returning that don’t have family and friends to help out and Thier food supply is low because they weren’t planning to be coming back in this manor if you know someone a neighbour or a Friend of a friend who doesn’t have anyone maybe leaving some supply on Thier door step so they can have some supplies to last them two weeks

  22. I’m no infection control expert, but the following things occurred to me: With international flights coming in still, we should be greeting returning citizens with a temporal thermometer as well as questioning them regarding symptoms. If they have positive symptoms, they should be masked, and instructed to self-isolate for 14 days (at present they are not taking temps). AND, the names of these people emailed (encrypted) to the public health authority office of their respective cities: “Miss Millie Jones has an occasional cough and a temp of 38.1C. She’ll be wearing a mask, landing in SSM from Montreal via flight *&^ at 1130 hours March 23. She has been instructed to immediately return home to self isolate x 14 days”. The health authorities, having been advised about this passenger, then have the ability to check up on her to insure that she’s complying. We apparently can’t totally rely on people’s understanding or good graces. And another thing: the problem with expecting the airlines to screen passengers before they board a plane home, is that passengers, especially if they are on 8-9 hour flights can develop symptoms during the flight, so it’s, I believe, important that we check temps and symptoms in our airports upon arrival, providing masks if need be.

    • A person I know who came in from Taiwan through China was just told to go home and isolate. They did not check for fever and did not check to make sure he went straight home. They have not called to check and make sure he was home at all.

      • I agree that we need to do more. One woman was interviewed by media, flying in from Pakistan. Pakistan she said takes your temp, disinfects your luggage, and if you get on a bus you disinfect your hands before you sit down.
        Another women flew in from Rome, and they checked her temp and for cough before she boarded, but here in Canada they gave her a pamphlet of instructions and told her to self-isolate. She could have developed symptoms on that long flight home, so I think we need to check temps on arrival to Canada.

        • A friend of mine returned from Italy 2 weeks before they closed off their country. She was tested at the Italian airport, the Russian airport for the transfer plane and then nothing in Canada. She was smart though, and self isolated for 2 weeks and reported her travel to the Halton Department of Health. I agree more should be done but I strongly believe that the main onus should be on returning passengers. you just got home for a foreign country? quarantine for 2 weeks. period. no excuses.

    • Just shut down air travel… is it really essential? All travelers have been WARNED FOE SEVERAL WEEKS. The only thing moving should be cargo.
      If this type of protocol had been in place some weeks ago, we just might not be in this predicament. Allowing flights into our airports infecting people and other populated area. Maybe next time our LEADER OF THE COUNTRY,, will listen to the WOA. I believe they are the professionals.
      I’m a small family business owner, only been open for 10 months, what a kick in the bank book. Not sure if I should be contemplating Bankruptcy. It just takes a short closure to fall short of business commitments.

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