Ontario signs Ring of Fire agreements with two northern First Nations

Sault Ste. Marie's application to NORONT Resources Ltd. for a ferro-chrome smelting facility site, moving ahead to next step in process.

TORONTO — Ontario has signed agreements with two Indigenous communities in a move the government says is a step forward in its plans to build road access to the Ring of Fire region.

Premier Doug Ford announced the new deals with the Marten Falls First Nation and Webequie First Nation at a mining conference in Toronto on Monday.

The previous Liberal government had signed deals with three of the nine communities surrounding the Ring of Fire, including Marten Falls and Webequie.

But in August, the Ford government ripped up those deals in favour of pursuing new individual agreements with the nine First Nations.

NDP northern development critic Michael Mantha says ripping up those deals was a step backwards that has further delayed the project.

The region in Northern Ontario holds some of the world’s richest deposits of chromite, nickel, copper and platinum — valued at anywhere from $30 billion to $60 billion.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on March 2, 2020.

The Canadian Press


  1. It seems quite hypocritical that the very same people that are worried about environmental impact are using computers and cell phones (to comment on this story) that use nickle and platinum and copper to make those electronic devices. Canada will be far better at mining those resources carefully versus mining those metals in China or Russia etc etc.

  2. So i have on video NORONT CEO agreeing that he is preying on Northern Reserves located in the fire of ring with these roads. They wouldnt get the roads if they said no.

  3. So, there was an agreement brokered by the Ontario Liberal government, but Ford ripped it up, and is now wanting credit for taping most of the same agreement back together? And this is supposed to be a win?

  4. I’m thinking that with the partnership of the FN people there is a huge win here. 1. The FN people have a say as the the environmental impact. 2. It allows them an economic benefit help raise out of poverty. 3. Ontario grows stronger.

  5. Oh how this must hurt the feelings lefties and self appointed anarchists in government, Hard to keep a good Ford down. Wonder if Katie Wynn will want to take credit?

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