Spread Joy – Not Germs


Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Today is World Down Syndrome day, a day to spread joy, and appreciation around the world.

Each year World Down Syndrome day is celebrated to increase public awareness, encourage others to advocate and support those with Down syndrome. It is the most common chromosomal disorder that affects 1in every 800 live births in Canada. Those with Down syndrome have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome resulting in a developmental and intellectual difficulties or delays.

Locally, we ask you to wear blue and yellow, rock your socks-wear mismatched socks to show that even though we are different we are all the same  (send us a picture on Facebook) and do a random act of kindness. Help us to spread joy not germs today!

Ideas for random acts of kindness during social isolation can include:

  • Do a check in on a loved one- call, text, hold a sign up outside their window.
  • Arrange a surprise delivery from a local business.
  • Support your local businesses for anything that you can: food take out, office supplies, baking, groceries, gas, gift cards for now or future use (depending upon the service if open now or not due to the corona virus closings).
  • Donate locally to our soup kitchen, helping hands, homeless shelters, the humane society There are so many worthy local non-profits that need your help.
  • Face time with a loved one today… share some smiles.
  • Pay for the person behind you in a drive thru.
  • If you are out getting takeout, drive thru items, etc… be sure to tip well, these employees have likely seen a great dip in their tip funds. Make their day brighter!
  • Compliment someone…a few kind words go a long way.
  • Send someone a greeting card or note of appreciation.
  • Offer to get groceries items for those at risk that can not be out.

Today is a perfect day to share support, appreciation and unconditional love.

To Everyone who shows their love, support and unconditional love to your valued citizens…our family members with Down Syndrome thank you. Thank you to everyone that values and assists us to work towards inclusion in all aspects of education, wellness and employment. We are looking currently for opportunities for paid and unpaid volunteer work.

Thank you to those that support our fundraising efforts by supporting our events by financially donating, purchasing products, donating at events and local funeral homes. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for celebrating with us and giving us opportunities for inclusion and helping us to reach our mission goals.

“Our mission is to promote the growth and development of individuals with Down syndrome so that their lives may be enriched and that they may reach their full potential as members of society in Sault Ste. Marie”

Happy World Down Syndrome day! Spread some love and joy today!


  1. SaultOnline, I wish you would email or something when you are only temporarily removing a post. I wouldn’t have posted 3 times. I reported my first post because I put the wrong episode, then I re-posted with the correct episode and then it was gone. So I figured it was because of the link, so I posted again but without a link.

  2. Happy World Down Syndrome Day and love to you all! CBC Gem had a great program called You Can’t Ask That and in episode 7, questions were asked of people with Down Syndrome. The program was really great to help remove misconceptions that some may have of people with Down Syndrome.

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