Statement from Mayor Provenzano


Mayor Christian Provenzano offers the following statement on the recent positive test results for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Algoma district:

Algoma Public Health (APH) has now confirmed a fourth positive test result for COVID-19 in the Algoma district. There are a number of things that all of us should be mindful of and focus on.

Firstly, 305 people in the Algoma district have been tested for COVID-19 and 136 of those tests are still outstanding. We should expect that a number of them will be positive and that we will hear about those results over the course of this week.

Based on the information that APH has shared about the four positive test results, it does not appear that there is evidence of community spread in Algoma but community spread may be happening and can happen at any time. It is more important than ever that we follow APH’s advice. Go to to learn about COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolation and #PhysicalDistancing. If we all follow APH’s advice and encourage those around us to follow it we do three things: we slow the spread of the virus, minimize the risk of a surge in demand for Sault Area Hospital services and give Sault Area Hospital more time to prepare for a potential surge.

Based on the information APH has shared about the four positive test results, it is critical that anyone returning from out of country travel, especially the United States, self-isolate for 14 days. If you have a family member, friend or acquaintance who is not, you need to encourage them to self-isolate and make sure they know that it is illegal not to self-isolate.
There has been some frustration expressed about the quantity of information APH is releasing about each positive test result. APH has a contact management process and it thoroughly assesses each situation and the risk of the positive test result to the community at-large. We have to trust APH to do its job and we should. I certainly do. It is doing a very good job in very difficult circumstances. To the main point, each of us has the information each of us needs: self-isolate if you have symptoms, stay home if you don’t and if you need to go out practice physical distancing.

Lastly, the longer this process takes the more difficult it is going to be for all of us. With time and more positive test results, uncertainty about our health and our jobs, fear and frustration will grow. This may effect the way we treat one another. We have to stand on guard against this. It is easiest to be friendly, accepting and kind when things are going well; it is most important to when they are not. It is understandable to be frustrated by people who are not following APH’s advice. However, deriding those people, speaking negatively to them or about them, either through social media or otherwise, will not likely bring them onside. Community is not created when we focus negatively on our differences, it is created when we focus positively on what we have in common. Let’s bring people onside by modeling the behaviour we want to see, looking out for each other and setting a positive example.

As for the people in Algoma who have tested positive for COVID-19, none of them should be made to feel that they have done anything wrong. This is a highly contagious disease that travels quickly. Each of the people who have tested positive, their families and their friends need our unconditional support. Let’s show them the best of Sault Ste. Marie and as things get more challenging, as they will, let’s meet that challenge with kindness and resolve.


  1. I keep reading how every one is upset with people not following the so called rules and saying how these people are endangering others. Why is it no one seems to be upset with Trudeau or his wife. She went and he let her go to the UK in early march. I don’t know if she caught it there but I do know she brought it back here. In early March we the ordinary citizen only knew what the media told us about this virus, but the leaders of the countries knew a helluva lot more than us, but that didn’t change the minds of the Trudeau family they did not care and acted irresponsibly and no one is calling them out on that

  2. And get these clothing bins removed it looks like a third world country.
    Nothing our mayor will even address
    He’s continued to let the rats wreck havock on citizens.

  3. Question that I have is what is being done to screen returning travellers repeatedly since our PMs assurance that sick travellers would not be allowed in to Canada an alarming number of travellers go to the hospital the next day with symptoms significant enough that it warrants a COVID-19 test. We need specifics on what is being done at our border crossing in the Sault?

    • What’s being done is people are told to say no to all questions so they can get on plane, any yes answers not allowed on. So people lie. Friends kids travelled from half way around world 4 airport terminals and was told not to say yes! She is fine went right to self isolation without stopping for groceries (in-laws filled house with supplies) so airport workers are not helping matter

  4. Okay everyone!! Be nice that is all we have left that we have control over!! How many of you where in Soo Michigan at the beginning of all of this!! Are you self isolating bet you are not! You could all be spreading this! The truth is you don’t know if you have it!! This is here it is going to get worse! The mob mentality solves nothing!! Oh by the way someone in your family my not be following all the rules either!! Take a minute to think about you would feel if this was the case!! Please remember you may have it and be spreading it!

  5. This virus can spread from people who don’t know they are sick. God forbid, I find myself in that position. It happens innocently. However, if you know you are high risk to others and not obeying the law, as your fellow citizen, I am concerned. I am angry. I am afraid. My family are following the guidelines to keep others safe and ourselves safe. I have Parkinsons, my husband is in recovery from cancer. We shop early morning seniors hours, and have a single family member who also shops for me and my husband, his own family and his mother. He works full time as well. If he gets sick, I don’t know what we will do. He has to go out there. We need him healthy. His wife has MS and works on the ‘front line services’. We need her to be healthy. My daughter out of town who has a 4 year old has battled small cell cancer for 2 years. She faces possibly more treatment soon. I need her to be healthy. She needs us, as her family, to be healthy. Please, please take precautions. We make mistakes of judgement, I understand that, I need you to be healthy too.

  6. I personally feel that the people who became ill of no fault of their own should not be shamed…however those people who are blatantly hiding initial symptoms to go to work or keep shopping and visiting when they know they shouldn’t be or are around those who are quarantined and continue to go in public etc. Need to know as a community we wont tolerate it and will work together to report them for the safety of us all…Literally a life and death threat for some people..We can not claim ignorance to the rules of quarantine and the seriousness of this any longer and those who are not listening are a serious threat to all of us..

  7. Absolutely no sympathy from me at all. This is a serious illness and everybody’s lives are upside down as well as fearful and stressed out. There is uncertainty, financial hardships and solitude. Most of the community is doing their part to prevent the spread. If someone has tested positive for covid 19 due to complete disregard to anyone else then yes I will be pissed off. I am certain I’m not the only one. The individual did not consider the feelings of anyone else before they made their bad choice so why should care about theirs? It’s completely out of line for you to ask that we have sympathy.

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