Staying positive with Spencer Stays Inside

Spencer Stays Inside. March 22, 2020. Photo supplied by Adam Francis Proulx.

Former Saultite Adam Francis Proulx, Actor and Puppeteer, shares his talents through his new YouTube creation, Spencer Stays Inside.

Spencer Stays Inside is an inspiration that came to Adam in light of social distancing. As his normal routine in art entertainment has come to a halt, what does one do?

“My first episode came out the day after I was meant to be in the theatre in Collingwood doing my show Adam’s Unplugged Puppet Party, which I did at the Algoma Fall Festival this past year.”

Spencer Stays Inside; I think it came from me thinking I need to do something. One needs to feel useful, especially in a time like this. I thought about what I could do – I have my little backdrop from a show I did about four years ago. I had Spencer already. I built him about a year and a half ago. With that, I thought, what can I do? What can I talk about? I just decided don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good and just start getting stuff out there. There are a lot of kids and parents sitting at home, trying to think their way through this.”

Spencer Stays Inside is a cute twist on how and why one might need to stay inside. In Spencer’s episodes children will learn how Spencer is keeping busy while staying indoors; one day Spencer makes a schedule, the other day he colours, the next day Spencer talks about his grown-ups, the ultimate goal for Adam in Spencer Stays Inside is to simple normalize the unnormal situation that everyone is in.  

“Right now, it’s what can I do with just the puppets, the things I have in the house and the camera. It doesn’t have to be much. The idea is to normalize whats going on. It doesn’t need to be that lofty; it can just be today Spencer coloured something the end. I think there is a lot of benefit in just doing that. Something that is simple and normal.” 

 When asked, what do you want parents to grasp from this, Adam replied, “If you get three minutes to yourself I think that’s great. I think we are going to talk a bit about being inside with family. Spencer and his grown-ups, and what does that mean and what being patient with each other means. It’s a lot of mental health stuff without being too heavy-handed.” 

Spencer Stays Inside will be airing during the mornings. The link will be posted the day before at, and then it will go live, and a count down will be added until the day it premiers.

Parents can check out Spencer Stays Inside by merely going to YouTube or Facebook page for Spencer @spencersparklestein. For more of Adam’s work, check out the site for Adam’s Unplugged Puppet Party and the trailer is