Thunder Bay police arrest 32 people during investigation into drug trafficking


THUNDER BAY, Ont. — Police in northern Ontario arrested 32 people during a months-long investigation into allegations of drug trafficking and organized crime.

Thunder Bay Police say 15 of the accused are from the Greater Toronto Area and have either “suspected or confirmed links to street gangs.”

They say they laid 119 charges under the criminal code during the three-month probe, dubbed Project Trapper.

Police say they seized 813 grams of cocaine, 774 grams of crack, 34 grams of fentanyl and more than 1,300 fentanyl pills, which they describe as “fake Oxycodone.”

They say three of the suspects from the Toronto area who were arrested are youths.

Police say the latest investigation has turned up evidence of links between drug traffickers in Thunder Bay and those in the Greater Toronto Area.