Tim Hortons is scrapping Roll Up The Rim cups due to the coronavirus


TORONTO — Tim Hortons says it is getting rid of Roll Up The Rim cups due to the novel coronavirus and is moving much of the annual contest to its app.

The coffee-and-doughnut chain is removing all of the contest’s paper cups over health concerns around staff handling items recently gripped and sipped by customers returning them for prizes.

Tim Hortons does not identify COVID-19 as the catalyst, but says “the current public health environment” means “it’s not the right time for team members…to collect rolled up tabs that have been in people’s mouths.”

The company says it will redistribute all $30 million worth of prizes to restaurant giveaways and a digital contest.

On Friday, Tim Hortons and McDonald’s Canada became the latest coffee purveyors to stop accepting reusable mugs brought in by customers amid concerns about the epidemic, with the number of confirmed cases in Canada rising to 57 as of Saturday.

The temporary move followed similar decisions by Starbucks and The Second Cup Ltd. announced earlier in the week.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 7, 2020.

The Canadian Press

Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said the Roll Up The Rim contest was being scrapped. In fact, the cups are being scrapped but the contest will go ahead without them.


  1. Another excuse . I understand the reusable cup thing but Tim Hortons has found excuses for there failures oh no biggy they aren’t the only company that serves.coffee don’t need any contest to have good coffee

    • Danielle Wierzbicki ya that is why I said I “get” it, but then maybe they need to wear gloves? It will certainly be a money saver not doing physical cups, mind you, they are probably all printed now as the campaign is supposed to start in just a few days.
      We were talking about this while in drive through and the car in front of us had a dog, who was handed a timbit from an employee, bare handed….how do I know that he didn’t go wash his hands before serving the next order. 🤷‍♀️
      So many things we can just nit pick about to be honest.

    • Karen Lizzi I know, some things make no sense. And oh boy :/ .. I’m not sure if all are same but one I’m at we arent allowed to do that. Even when the customer pays for one we give it to the customer to give to the dog. I would be wondering the same thing personally if I seen that.

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