ADSB Advises Parents to Prepare for “Learn at Home”


The Algoma District School Board advises parents that today, the Premier and Minister of Education announced that schools will remain closed until at least May 4th. Additional resources will be made available for the Ministry’s Phase 2 of “Learn At Home,” and the Ministry will be providing School Boards with further direction around expectations for learning.

Based on this extension, please know that we are finalizing plans for the continuity of learning and will be providing further information to parents in the coming days. We ask parents to click this “Access to Technology Survey” link if you haven’t yet completed as it is very important for us to know what means your child’s teacher can use to support learning for your child. We recognize that online learning poses challenges for some families and we want to work with you to support learning in the days ahead.

As we provide support and direction to our teachers and principals, you can expect contact from school personnel in the coming days as we begin to mobilize our action plan. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to support a very large and diverse area as well as a variety of learning needs and requirements.

Together, we will provide our students with meaningful learning experiences.





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