7th Case of COVID-19 Confirmed By APH

Algoma Public Health

The Algoma Public Health is reporting a new COVID-19 case in a resident in the Algoma district. The female travelled back to Canada from London, UK, on an Air Canada flight to Toronto, and caught a connecting flight to Sudbury.

The 70s female is reported to be self-isolating after being tested on March 31st.

March 23, 2020 flight information:

  • London, UK into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Air Canada flight AC 869. Passengers in rows 18-22 and flight crew that may have served these rows are considered close contacts of the confirmed case.
  • Toronto into Greater Sudbury’s Airport on Air Canada AC 8611. Passengers in rows 14-18 and flight crew that may have served these rows are considered close contacts of the confirmed case.
  • These individuals in addition to all people who have travelled outside of Canada are directed to self-isolate for 14 days from their arrival in Canada. If you have travelled to Canadian or Ontario communities outside Algoma, especially to places where COVID-19 is spreading locally, stay home for 14 days.

The Public Health Agency of Canada posts information on COVID-19 exposures on flights, cruise ships and mass gatherings.

Learn more about COVID-19 in Algoma.

Visit Ontario’s website to learn more about the province’s response to COVID-19.


  1. Everyone that flew back to Canada should have been tested and waited for results before put on a plane that’s why it’s spending all over canada. What’s wrong with the government they should never been sent back before results were in that just makes it easier for them to spread to their families. Now more people are getting it like the nursing homes this isn’t right do your jobs the right way and it wouldn’t be this bad.

  2. First of all, this person is in Algoma District and chances are she’s not in the Sault as she flew into Sudbury. Secondly, it’s possible she stayed in quarantine when she arrived home as it was mandatory at that time. Stop jumping to conclusions and spreading false rumours….especially when you have no way of knowing all the facts! Just worry about yourself and your own family.

  3. People have more then enough time to come back to Canada. We should close borders till this is over . Even if they are Canadian. They were warned but lots of people didn’t take it serious now they are coming home and some are bringing the virus.

  4. You are so right, because she DID infect people..Yes, I hope she recovers, but what about those she infected?? This is why there will be more in the Sault who has this, it’s because they infect 2, like their spouses and/or children, and they infect 2 people and so on and so on and so on…and this isn’t pizza we’re talking about it’s lives.

  5. So she’s self isolating now or has been since she got home on the 23rd? She tested positive on 31st, where was she between the 23rd and 31st? Not enough details. Also, why was she not quarantined or tested when she arrived back in Canada on the 23rd? Terry Sheehan??? Waiting for your scripted canned answer.

    • She must be in isolation as the liberals passed the Quarantine Act. It is the law for people that return to Canada to Quarantine themselves if they break the law they are fined up to $750,000 and six months in jail. I sure hope this lady gets better.

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