All too easy to impersonate a police officer: national association


OTTAWA — The Canadian Police Association says it’s extremely worrying how easy it is to replicate a convincing police uniform and cruiser, and its president would welcome more government control of law-enforcement gear.

Last weekend a 51-year-old denturist went on a killing spree across Nova Scotia, dressed in what’s believed to be an authentic RCMP uniform and driving a mock police cruiser.

Police are still investigating how he acquired the RCMP uniform and such a convincing replica vehicle.

Association president Tom Stamatakis says it’s a federal offence to impersonate a police officer, but it’s not difficult to do if someone is very intent on it.

Retail stores across the country claim to sell police gear — including uniforms, gloves and duty belts — to the public as well as police agencies, for example.

Stamatakis says he believes the more oversight governments can provide to make those items harder to get, the better.