Announcing new city-wide hunt teddy bears and ribbons

Window display from Facebook, by Connie Parisien

Announcing our next hunt!

Posted by Sarah Skagen on Monday, April 13, 2020

In a live Facebook post on April 13, Sarah Skagen, organizer of the SSM Easter Egg Hunt, thanks the community for all the support during the hunt and acknowledges the city for coming together to paint and create such a beautiful, and colourful Easter.  Skagen expresses her joys of being a part of a city that “bands together to brighten things up for one another” and working together as a team. During these difficult times, Skagen also highlights to be patient with one another because the reality is we don’t know what someone else may be going through. In saying that, Sarah announces the next city-wide initiative, the SSM Spring Bear and Bow Hunt in support of frontline workers.  This cute and smart way will be used to showcase the support for frontline workers. By displaying blue ribbons for healthcare workers, red ribbons for retail workers, food workers and delivery workers, yellow ribbons for transportation workers, Canada Post workers, truck drivers and industry workers that are assembling products for us and purple ribbons will be used for hospitality workers.

Skagen expects the bear hunt to last for the next month or till about mid-May and also teases that she has ideas flowing for the next hunt of this one. Participants are encouraged to put any type of teddy bear in their windows or anywhere on display. People aren’t only putting teddy bears up in the window but are also drawing teddy bears on their sidewalks and driveways. Skagen urges in her video to be creative and just use the things you have at home. Don’t make the unnecessary trip if you don’t have to. As for the rules, there are none, the bear hunt is meant to be fun and safe, the sky’s the limit.  

From over 300 comments on the post and 25 shares, the community is in an and excited to join in on the bear hunt. Comments came roaring in of people overjoyed about the news and hearts all around for the community for being so strong and coming together.