APH Silent on Elliot Lake COVID-19 Case

Algoma Public Health

The City of Elliot Lake informed their residents at 8pm on Tuesday March 31st that a resident tested positive for COVID-19. 

Algoma Public Health as of 11:45am on Thursday April 2nd has not informed the public with a press release or announcement of any kind about the Elliot Lake positive case. 

Algoma Public Health has not updated the number of positive cases in Algoma from 5 to 6 positive cases on its website to reflect the Elliot Lake case.

Algoma Public Health was contacted on Thursday morning for comment and did not respond.

Elliot Lake Public Announcement:


  1. They need to close more stores such as Canadian Tire, Dollar Store, Staples etc. These r not essential but r a gathering place for ppl that r bored. Walmart should only have the grocery section open and maybe pharmacy.

  2. We have just reached over 10,000 cases in Canada. They surely can’t make an article for every individual. We just simply need to stay the hell home and away from people! It’s a simple concept many cannot grasp. It’s annoying!! This is never going to stop if people don’t comply

    • there’s people who have to go to work, there’s people who have to get food. Its not that SIMPLE to stay STAY HOME, if you have NO job or can’t work from home easy for YOU to say.
      Or have had enough money to buy enough food so you can stay home for a long period of time.
      Not everyone is privy to that.

    • Kébēnasê Agawa duh 🙄 I work in health care but am off on mat leave and having a baby soon. Obviously I’m aware people still need to work!! I wasn’t referring to essential workers

  3. I have a question? If it takes a few days to show symptoms and a week or so to get results back. Why bother testing there’s nothing they can do for you and it lasts 2 weeks just stay home if you’re sick no?

    • A LOT. for the “confirmed cases” they’ve already had it for at least 14 days, cuz it takes 5-9 for the test to come back & IF they show symptoms at 7…
      they ain’t even testing EVERYONE they oughtta be.
      ONLY the severely sick apparently.
      & while they aren’t symptomatic, they were already walkin around doin their thang being a asymptomatic carrier & spreading it all over the place.
      IT SPREADING every where undetected cuz they ain’t testin’.

    • Monique Bouillon I agree, the site should be updated regularly, as I think it would help those who are not practicing social distancing to understand the severity of the situation.

    • Kébēnasê Agawa regular mask is really only effective for those who have it however for someone who does not and wants to protect themselves the only one would be an N95 mask

    • You’re only smart about this of you follow the proper precautions and have the proper education.

      I can DIE if I get this virus so I make sure I’m properly educated and following the precautions laid out for everyone.

    • Louise Christine don’t really care. You wanna believe that like they didn’t tell ya about the CCP VIRUS coming, all the power to ya!
      Jus wait til they back pedde & tell all the public WEAR A MASK OR GO TO JAIL.

    • Kébēnasê Agawa actually I’m in the health field so I will be we live our protocol and this is something we take care seriously. We are out here protecting ourselves the best we can while we are taking care of your loved ones. The N95 mask gives you better coverage then the masks you ware for simple cough so I think based on experience and proper knowledge on protecting ourselves you might want to do your research

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