Canada “aggessively ordering” medical supplies in highly competitive market

medical supplies

OTTAWA — Public Services and Procurement Minister Anita Anand says Canada is working hard behind the scenes on the increasingly challenging logistics of getting critical COVID-19 medical equipment to Canada from foreign countries.

She says the fight for surgical masks, gowns, hand-sanitizer and ventilators has become a virtual wild west among countries facing shortages.

Anand says the market for personal protective equipment has become fluid and evolving and that every day Canada is “aggressively ordering” in this marketplace.

Ordering equipment does not guarantee a delivery which is why Canada is now taking “very serious steps” on the ground in certain countries to ensure the products that Canada does buy meet requirements and that they make it to Canada.

For example, officials at the Canadian Embassy in China have been tasked with working diplomatic channels to ensure Canada’s orders are delivered on schedule.

Meanwhile, the federal government has also hired private firms to help on the ground with quality assurance, in-country logistics and arranging transportation.