Canada-U.S. border cracks open to asylum-seekers under new closure arrangement


OTTAWA — The Canada-U.S. border has opened slightly to asylum seekers under the new framework unveiled this week extending the historic shutdown.

Those who have been crossing irregularly into Canada are still being turned back.

But the federal order laying out the terms of the new border arrangements says those who arrive at formal land border offices and meet certain criteria will be allowed in.

Canada first struck a deal with the U.S. in March to close the border to all non-essential traffic as part of global efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It banned nearly everyone entering from the U.S. from filing a refugee claim in Canada.

The arrangement had prompted immediate criticism that Canada was abandoning its international obligations to asylum-seekers and the new approach is being seen by some as more in line with those commitments.


  1. Thanks to ‘Twinkle-toes’ & this one.. ‘illegals’ are the only people moving freely across the boarder.

    If they really wanted to honor our ‘international obligations’ they would stop participating in regime change & the illegal bombing campaigns across their countries, bring our soldiers home.

    Freeland figures she’s a ‘Humanitarian’ expert ever since the successful ‘coup’ & assassination of Libyan’ leaders. I suppose her new ‘Over-Lord’ won’t be so pleased with her botched attempts in Venezuela, just sayin’.. Peace should never come at the end of a gun..

    Strange daze indeed..

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