Conservatives not holding up aid bill, but want to see improvements: Scheer


OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his party isn’t deliberately holding up a new financial aid package for COVID-19 relief.

Scheer says constructive conversations are ongoing between his party and the Liberal government over the legislation to implement a massive wage-subsidy program.

He says the new package will take at least six weeks to spool up and the Liberals have said the back-end work to implement it is underway.

So Scheer says there is time for the bill that’s behind it to be improved and he’s optimistic a path forward exists.

The $73-billion wage-subsidy program is the second iteration of the Liberal government’s efforts to cushion the economic blow of COVID-19.

The first piece of legislation introduced to create it launched a lengthy debate in the back rooms of House of Commons as the Liberals sought to give themselves wide latitude to tax and spend for more than a year and the Tories resisted.


  1. Sheer is a total idiot… He can’t get over his hatred of Trudeau, no matter who gets hurt in the process… Sooner he’s out the better, and he should be kicked out now…..

    • Agree. He’s the Cdn. form of trump…totally partisan without any logic whatsoever. Even Ford dumped the partisan garbage and has been working with the PM. Now is not the time for political games.

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