Dance Core Inc “turning” to online classes for their students


The saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” has brought on a whole new meaning for business owners everywhere. Closures have forced businesses to re-think how they offer services and technology has become a bigger help more than ever.

For Dance Core Inc. Directors, Sandra Dewar and Tiffany Gallivan, it was a no-brainer to move to online classes. They’ve been testing virtual classes with their competitive students for the past few weeks and are ready to offer free classes to their recreational students starting April 21, 2020.  Both Directors have expressed that they wanted to do something for their dance family to show that DCI is there for all the kids and want to be there during these unprecedented times. They want to keep the students moving and having fun.  For the competitive team, it’s especially important to keep their focus and motivation, even though upcoming competitions have been postponed to late summer, early fall.

All the staff at Dance Core Inc. have expressed how much they miss going into the dance studio and teaching. Offering virtual classes is the perfect opportunity for students and teachers to reconnect and check in on how they’re coping with this new normal.

Dance Core Inc. would like to thank their staff, for stepping up to help get virtual classes going, as well as their Dance Core family for their support and patience in these uncertain times.