Evidence of COVID-19 community spread in Algoma in recent confirmed case

COVID-19 in Algoma

Algoma Public Health is reporting the 11th resident to test positive for COVID-19.

This individual is a woman in her 60’s, who did not have any recent travel outside of the district, or any known contact with a confirmed case.  Before becoming ill, she had no exposures other than routine activities in Sault Ste. Marie & Area.  Testing occurred on April 13th and this individual continues to remain in self-isolation at home.

Although public health investigations continue, this is evidence that COVID-19 is spreading within Algoma communities.

“Finding a case of COVID-19 from community spread shows just how important it has been for everyone to practice physical distancing, and to stay home as much as possible,” said Dr. Jennifer Loo, Associate Medical Officer of Health.  “The virus spreads from person to person through close contact, and infected droplets from coughing or sneezing.  To break the chain of transmission, now more than ever, everyone must keep avoiding close contact with people outside their immediate families, and everyone must follow public health direction to stay home and isolate if you are ill or if you have had recent international travel.  This is the only way to prevent uncontrolled person-to-person spread of the virus in our communities.”

Visit the SaultOnline COVID-19: Flatten the Curve page for related stories and links to credible information resources.


  1. I really wish they would state exactly where this person(s) live, or where and what stores they were in, on such a day ,at such a time!!! No contact tracing being done by aph at all to keep people in the know, deplorable knowledge sharers!!!!!! You dont have to give us their name or address!!!!

    • You remember every place you’ve been and what time you were there is the last 3 weeks? What if the only place that person has been is work, because they are essential and home so there’s no need to put out there where that person’s been, the people that were in contact with them at their job are being told to get tested. Just because you’re not in the loop about everything that’s going on during this pandemic doesn’t mean nothing is going on and stirring people up and spreading anger is not how we are going to make it through this.

      • i think you have the problem with reading, i did not say she had contact with other cases, i said the other cases must have not fully self isolated and were out in public to spread this &^%$ virus. who needs to learn to read?

    • why didnt they force quarantine them they should have had police presence outside there residence to and have their necessitys force delievered idiots are ruining this for everyone and prolonging this

    • That doesn’t mean it was one of the confirmed cases. It could of came from anywhere and anyone. Maybe someone came back from Sudbury or Toronto and spread it at a grocery store.

      Just be prepared as it’s about to get crazy in the Sault. Thos virus can last on surfaces for up to 3 days.

  2. Those who came back from vacation and not isolating are the cause. Heard a few people say they have spoken to people that just ignored direction to isolate after returning to Canada.

  3. i believe we have the right to know where these cases in algoma are. i want to know how many people in sault ste marie has covid19. algoma is a large district. my priority is sault ste marie. please let us now where these cases are located.

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