Fall-O-Up with Rick Fall

Rick Fall beside RV. Photo Supplied by Rick Fall.

Rick Fall, local Saultite and running enthusiasts is now pausing the biggest running adventure of his life. Set to run from Vancouver Island to Sault Ste. Marie starting April 13th, in the hope of raising $300,000 to be split between Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada. Fall has unofficially decided to postpone his journey for another year, in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

“I’m probably planning on doing it one year from the original date. Whether it’s Easter Monday 2021, or April 13th, it doesn’t matter. It’s not official yet, but it’s in our hearts to say that it is delayed for the year,” said Fall.

Postponing the run for a year doesn’t worry Fall. If anything, it gives him more encouragement to get things done.  The plan was to average a marathon a day (42.195 km), which was going to take him about four months to run back to Sault Ste. Marie.

“I feel it’s still going to happen. I have people jokingly say, well, you have an extra year to train. I’ll stay active throughout the year, and I’m not going to do anything crazy and do many extra miles. I’ll probably do a bit of a trial run in October, if it’s still a go at the USTR Stokely”.

Before the planned departure for Vancouver Island, Fall, with the help of family and friends organized, a Send-off dinner in hopes of raising more contributing funds for both foundations. Since Fall started this initiative, close to $15,000 has been raised. Despite waiting another year, people can still make online donations and purchase a T-shirt designed for the run.

Fall’s determination that the run of his life will happen after all this is said in done is quite extraordinary. Hopeful of bringing joy to children despite these circumstances.

“It’s still going to happen for both foundations; Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada, because there are children out there needing the help, by knowing this, it still needs to happen”.

Now is the time that Fall can rebuild his idea and make changes if necessary. One important message that he wants to get across is, “When things get tough, don’t give in. People give up too easily; it’s too easy to say forget it. You’ve got to keep pushing ahead, sometimes you have to slow down and sometimes you have to push harder. But it’s something you set your mind to, so just do it”.

To follow Fall’s journey or donate, check out his Facebook and web page for any updates. https://www.facebook.com/FalloRick/https://www.falloRick.com