Household items, the new workout alternative


When the gym is no longer the answer to those frustrating workdays, the well-needed break from the kids, or even to get out of the house for some social time, with no gym, what does one do? How does one cope while trying to find the silver lining with all the changes in the world?  

One local gym goer and strength and conditioning coach, Jake Doan, was so kind as to share his thoughts and way of thinking outside the box for keeping a gym routine. While people are asked to stay home, household items have been the new alternative to weights, barbells and movements. Coach Doan expresses that right now, we are all being challenged and forced out of our comfort zones.

“My biggest thing when speaking about it is that I am putting it out there as a positive thing that we are all being pushed out of our comfort zones, and that is what that gym is all about as well. We shouldn’t just be in there doing things that are easy. For it to be effective, training, that is, we need to push out of that comfort zone and adapt to these stresses. Right now, it’s just about being innovative enough to have effective training and mentally get ourselves in gear to be productive. With this time, we’ve been given the opportunity to focus on what we can do, not what we can’t.”

Trying to stay motivated is the biggest struggle many people may face now, and keeping the motivation, may only last for so long. Coach Doan suggests simple tactics that can help to achieve a routine and a stay-at-home workout balance. 

“Set goals, short term. Achievable. Get the positive feeling of small achievements, such as five push-ups, or a bodyweight squat. Whatever it is and feed off of the small short term goals. For bigger goals.”  

“Have alarms set just to get up and do ten jumping jacks. Or just get up and get on the floor and roll out on a foam roller. I’ve been trying the best to keep people motivated and give them ideas. I feel as if you kind of take the gym for granted. The simplicity of it and how efficient it makes your situation.” 

Coach Doan has turned to social media more than ever before to showcase his workouts. By using social media he is able to connect with his audience and show detailed videos on proper body form or what household item he is reinventing that day. 

“I’m putting out the videos because I’ve been receiving so many messages from people asking for advice on “What to do now?” Asking me if I know anyone with bars weights or anything. I took it upon myself to put out a couple of videos just showing people they can use a bag or a broomstick. Anything around the house to mimic the gym exercises. I’m trying to help people not feel so defeated by their current situation.” 

To tune into Coach Doan’s workout videos check out his Instagram page at @coachjakedoan or check out his latest website for the newest workout.