Letter: Concerned About Community Spread


Dear Sault Ste. Marie Police,

On April 13th, a mother took a child to stay with her mother who works at a high risk environment for COVID-19, a long term care facility. The family had agreed for the kids and mother to stay away for this reason.

On April 13th, when we called with our concerns, you told us that nothing could be done because there was no community spread. Little did you know that on that same day, a women was being tested for Covid 19 who had no contact except with people from Sault Ste. Marie; she tested positive. That means there are far more people in the community who have Covid-19 without awareness and spreading it without awareness. But any person in their right mind, would never put a baby in an even potentially unsafe place where a killer virus might lurk.

I am very disappointed in Sault Ste. Marie’s lack of safety procedures where Covid-19 is concerned.

Sadly Disappointed,
Natashya Rae Rice


  1. Remember that not all of us will get the severe form. It’s mostly elderly and people with health conditions. Most cases are mild.

    But yeah, probably a good idea to use common sense, wash your hands and practice distancing when going out so you can avoid getting the virus.

  2. Only us as individuals can stop this virus..We all been so spoiled in Canada 🇨🇦 we expect our government to fix everything and they do so now they our asking for help … They our asking us to stay home ..They our asking us to wash our hands…They our asking us to stay 6 ft apart… Please do what they say it’s time to give back to our beautiful country called Canada…

  3. The virus lurks amongst US not just elderly. It is way too late to start blame game. It is time to be proactive be responsible for your actions. Focus on you because that is the only person you can be reassured is taking responsibility.

  4. I want to no every place this young women has been!!! The lack of information in this city reeks!!! Us as a community need info on these cases. 1positive case only leads to 100’s!!! Whoever was waiting in line in front of her or behind her in a lineup , in passing at a convenience store bank etc!!! Come on Sault Ste. Marie!!!

  5. I share your concern. We all want our family and friends to be safe. We’re scared and we want this to be over. However, the police can only enforce the law. If this situation is not against the law, what would you like to be done? Every organization big and small are trying to adapt their procedures and policies to best adapt to our times, which sometimes changes by the hour but it is easier said than done. Thank you to all those on the front lines and operating at the municipal, provincial and federal level for doing their best to manage the situation.. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

  6. I think something could have been done. What about breaking the social distancing rule…isn’t there a fine for that? They couldn’t do anything because there was no community spread sounds like a lame excuse to me.

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