Maker North making the North safer

Joseph Bertrand, Founder and Director, Maker North

Businesses and communities come together in hardship and work together to make positive changes. One local business, Maker North is going above and beyond to protect front line workers, keeping them protected during these difficult times by 3D printing face shields. In keeping with the #InThisTogetherSSM campaign, SaultOnline had the chance to inquire further as to how Maker North is adjusting to recent changes. 

What are you and your team doing to help “Flatten the Curve” during these difficult times?

Maker North has been working hard in these difficult times to Flatten the Curve. We have also been creating as many face shields as we can for the local community of nurses, doctors and those in need. We are leveraging our skills and technology to help out as much as we can. We are also designing our own face shields that once they are approved by Health Canada, we will be able to mass create more of them quickly. Currently, we are only able to 3D print them, and we are working with what we have to get them out as quickly as we can.

What can customers expect concerning changes in how you are providing your products/services?

Currently, due to the demand for face shields, we have shifted our focus to strictly creating these during this time until this crisis clears to maximize the amount we can get created. We have closed to the general public and are only focusing on manufacturing.

What changes, if any, are there in your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are currently 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. creating shields and are available for phone calls emails and order requests.

Do you have a few words you would like to share with the Community?

We would like to let the community know that we are trying our best to help in this time of need, and we want everyone to be safe until this clears up. We are working hard to help save as many people as we can. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for any updates on our progress.

Thank you, Maker North, for taking the time to answer these questions. For more information, please visit



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