Matthew Shoemaker Interview about APH & COVID-19


Yesterday, I interviewed Councillor Matthew Shoemaker about his tweet asking for more transparency from Algoma Public Health. The interview was on last night’s Chris Oldcorn Show.

After we recorded the interview in the late morning. Several more tweets went out as Cllr Shoemaker defended his tweet and asked the Mayor to stay on the topic at hand instead of conflating two different issues.

I applaud Cllr Shoemaker asking for transparency. Personally, I am frustrated with Algoma Public Health’s lack of transparency especially compared to other Public Health Units across the province which I will cover throughout the day and on my show Monday night. 

Enjoy the interview and I will see you on Monday!


  1. I belief what is trying to be said here is that the Algoma Region is a large area and so it would be good to know for instance if you lived in say Bruce Mines, youd rather like to know if its on your community. Its has nothing to do with releasing names of individuals . Its more to do with the safety of our communities which we live in or shall i say isolate in .

  2. How is it helpful to know the specific community of where it is? How does that change how we are supposed to act or respond to this situation? Will that information make people more or less comfortable? I am disappointed that Shoe is using this to grandstand and get more air time rather than finding a way to encourage people to take this seriously or help to crack down on violators. Where is his motion to enforce the rules? He does it for every irrelevant thing, why not something that is important? He should be working to unify not to divide. Poor leadership in my opinion.

  3. Any other information other than if it is in the city or town should not be released. No names, addresses or areas in the locations should be even hinted at. The victims of this virus should not be identified in an way, they didn’t ask to be infected, and the comments and attitudes of the people posting in most comment sections indicates that it would be dangerous and irresponsible to do otherwise.

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