McDonald’s Canada to start using imported beef amid Canadian supply concerns


TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada says it will start importing beef as Canada’s beef supply chain struggles to meet current demand amid COVID-19.

The restaurant chain, which prides itself on using only Canadian beef, says in a statement that its change in policy is due to limited processing capacity at Canadian suppliers, such as a Cargill Inc. plant near High River, Alta.

Cargill has shuttered operations temporarily after a worker died from the COVID-19 coronavirus and hundreds of other employees tested positive.

McDonald’s says in a statement it will start sourcing beef from its pre-approved suppliers and facilities outside of Canada effective immediately.

However, it will continue to buy as much Canadian beef as possible and supplement the remainder with imports.

The company says it is also temporarily removing its Angus burgers from menus in Canada — though restaurants may sell them until supplies run out.


  1. I definitely prefer Stack or Burger Don, however McDonalds said it is only doing this because even though Canadian producers are still functioning, the main plant that processes beef is shut down and they can’t get the supply they need, but will go Canadian again once it’s back up and running. First, why boycott because of that? In an effort to possibly shut down one of the few employers in the community, so they can go on government wages? Second, how many people making these comments on a “normal” day go over the river for gas, beer and a bite to eat? Just curious. While I am not normally a McDonalds fan, I think we need to support all businesses still operating in our community.

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