Millroy: Some Take COVID-19 Seriously, Some Don’t


In an email to The Sault Star last week Chief Hugh Stevenson said the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service was taking a “gradual approach” to the issue of people gathering in groups of more than five, which puts them at odds with an emergency decree by the provincial government.
The chief said the service had received 34 calls about groups meeting and officers had given warnings to nine people at four of those calls.

He said charges would follow “if this behaviour continues.”

I don’t have any problem with the gradual approach to following the Ontario government’s order issued March 28 under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act that bars organized public events and social gatherings of more than five people.

But I don’t think the message will sink in for a lot of people until there are some announcements of fines being levied.

The minimum fine for violating the order is $750.

There is a portion of the public who haven’t been taking the COVID-19 coronavirus seriously and I think it will take reading or hearing about a few of these sizeable fines being issued to get their attention and ultimately adherence.

Actually it is reassuring to see that some residents are not hesitant to call the police service when they see the five-person limit being ignored. If there ever is a time for whistle blowers, I firmly believe this is it.

Stevenson said calls for service have been “rather steady” since residents were urged to stay home to avoid spreading COVID-19 and police are taking “an all hands on deck” stance on monitoring the city.

Good to know and good to see.

PREMIER DOUG FORD has gotten some good marks from some areas of the public for his handling of the COVID-19 issue, but I can’t see him getting any from corrections officers.
And with good reason.

Apparently corrections officers in some provincial jails are not being allowed to wear protective gear amid the spread of COVID-19.

Some of them, according to a Canadian Press story, eventually got the protection after they refused to work without it.

It should never have come to this.

Jails are becoming hot spots for the virus and every effort should be made to protect both corrections officers and inmates.

Some institutions allow guards to wear surgical masks and gloves while others don’t, said Chris Jackel, a spokesman for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

Last week, guards at Monteith Correctional Complex near Timmins, Ont., refused to work after they asked, but weren’t allowed, to wear the protective equipment near an inmate who started showing symptoms of COVID-19, said Jackel.

“Then the (inmate’s) test results come in positive and they say, sure, you can wear PPE (personal protective equipment),” Jackel said. “It’s so ridiculous, we don’t understand.”

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Solicitor General said jails across the province have access to protective equipment, adding that the health of its workers and inmates is a “top priority.”

“The ministry is currently working with bargaining partners to address outstanding matters, such as the use of personal masks,” said Kristy Denette.

There should be no “working with bargaining partners” to address issues such as the use of personal masks.

It simply should be done for the safety of all involved..
Get on with it.

MEANWHILE, SOUTH OF THE border a battle is going on in with some church groups arguing that, because of the separation of church and state, they don’t have to follow government orders that they no longer congregate.

The see it as “the slippery slope” of government getting involved in church business.
What a crock.

This has nothing to do with government involvement in the church. It has everything to do with fighting a pandemic.

In such situations churches must follow the rules laid down for us all.

Heck, even President Donald Trump recognizes the need for the cancellation of church services. If he can get that through his thick head, everyone should be able to.

I note stories are beginning to appear in the U.S. about some Republicans beginning to worry about what the president says during his lead-in to the coronavirus task force’s daily briefings with the media.

They should be.

He gives a lot of misinformation, which has to be corrected by the doctors present, and spends much of his time belittling many of the reporters present and anyone who has opposed him in any way.

As well, of course, he speaks as if he has never spent a day in school, let alone apparently having graduated from a university.

I can’t imagine any university claiming him as a graduate.

I take heart that no one in this country with an IQ over 10 seems to have anything favourable to say about him.

Because of Trump the United States was late getting into the fight against the virus, bringing back memories of its late entry into the First and Second World Wars.

But most governors have made up for the shortfall, making sure that social distancing and self-isolation are in place and working.

In Michigan, for instance, it is now against the law to even visit a neighbour.
In Kentucky police are taking down the licence plate numbers of those who still insist on attending church services.

If it takes such tough measures to get the job done, I am all for them.

And if you think I was being tough on Trump in this column, you would be right. I just thought for a change that I would be as ignorant to him as he is to others.


  1. I for one, am pleased wit the way our leaders are dealing with this virus. People who think it is going too far by insisting on social distancing and isolation should think again. The government and healthcare workers are doing their best to keep us healthy, When I see the crowds in the States protesting government I have to shake my head. I think these idiots should have to sign a paper saying they don`t want treatment if they get this virus. This virus is overwhelming hospitals and the workers who are putting their very lives on the line for us. And it certainly doesn`t help when their president is cheering them on out of his worries about ratings and money

  2. Doug, you must be hard up for an original thought. All you do is re-hash current news stories. Like half my FB friends who keep posting news articles thinking none of us can see the original source sites. Stay offline until you have something original to say.

  3. Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School….He is also a two time Grammy Award winning artist ….and winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize…

  4. “a drug that works in mitigating the virus’ virility and helps people recover”

    If you are speaking of hydroxychloroquine, you’re incorrect. You may want to “get some of your ‘facts’ correct before spouting off” as you advised another person who commented.

    If you read the article at, it states:

    “”Chloroquine seems to block the coronavirus in lab studies. There’s some anecdotal evidence from doctors saying it has appeared to help,” James Gallagher, BBC health correspondent, explained.

    But crucially there have been no complete clinical trials which are important to show how the drug behaves in actual patients, although they are under way in China, the US, UK and Spain.

    Even so, some are sceptical about how successful they will prove to be.

    “If it truly has a dramatic effect on the clinical course of Covid-19 we would already have evidence for that. We don’t, which tells us that hydroxychloroquine, if it even works at all, will likely be shown to have modest effects at best,” Dr Joyeeta Basu, a senior consultant physician, told the BBC.”


    “Despite the fact trials are yet to conclude, people have begun to self-medicate – with sometimes disastrous consequences.

    There have been multiple reports in Nigeria of people being poisoned from overdoses after people were reportedly inspired by Mr Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement of the drug.

    An article in the Lancet medical journal also warns hydroxychloroquine can have dangerous side-effects if the dose is not carefully controlled.”

  5. Well Doug, Obama didn’t graduate university either. My IQ is way above 10 and above many of the Canadians with TDS.
    1. By the way, Trump acted on this virus far quicker than our PM. He had a task force in place in mid-January and barred flights to and from China at the end of January. We are still allowing flights in from China (I saw it first hand with a Chinese Eastern flight at Pearson on March 20).
    2. WHO recommended not stopping air travel. Why? Even someone with an IQ of 10 would know that stopping flights from the country of origin would mitigate the spread of any virus.
    3. This virus originated in China which lied about its virility and basically everything else thus causing the deaths of thousands and infection of millions. The only President to blame for this is the president of China.
    4. WHO recommended not wearing masks. WHO said it couldn’t spread between humans (accepting lies from China) even though it was obvious that is exactly what it was doing.
    5. So the PM gets to go to his cottage retreat with his family and entourage of security and advisors but regular Canadians can’t do that. Sounds like the elites are once again up on the pedestal above us peons.
    6. When a church has a drive-in service with audio piped via the car radio there is no need to fine people.
    7. Your hero in Michigan(and a few other state governors who are Democrats) also banned the use of a drug that works in mitigating the virus’ virility and helps people recover (tested by doctors in the US, France and other countries). She based her decision on the fact Trump said it “might be a game changer”. Then she had to retract the ridiculous ban. But you forgot about that right?
    At least get some of your ‘facts’ correct before spouting off. It seems as if you are doing the same you say Trump is doing.

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