MP Sheehan Participates in Historic Virtual Parliament Meeting from Sault Ste. Marie

Terry Sheehan

Today, the House of Commons held an historic virtual meeting of parliament’s all-party special committee on COVID-19.

The committee, which counts all 338 MPs as members, was created to allow MPs from across Canada to be able to participate and represent their constituents, without travelling to Ottawa.  These virtual meetings will be held weekly.

 “We had a successful first run today, with most MP’s across Canada meeting virtually.  Our discussion focused mainly around the swift actions of support implemented for Canadians, businesses, and various organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.” said Sheehan.

The session began with a moment of silence for the National Day of Mourning, to pay tribute to those workers who have died, been injured or taken ill while doing their jobs.

“A tribute,” said Sheehan “more poignant this year with so many Canadians working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to thank all those workers from the bottom of my heart.”

“I would also like to thank the Speaker of the House, MP Anthony Rota and all the staff that made this historic day, of Canada’s first virtual meeting of the House of Commons, possible.”

Terry Sheehan, MP
Sault Ste. Marie

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