Now More Than Ever, We Need to Talk Advance Care Planning

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Today is National Advance Care Planning Day. Health can change without warning. That is more evident than ever in the COVID-19 reality. Advance Care Planning is a talk about your care and your wishes. Having the talk now can help prevent the pain of your loved ones not knowing in the future.

Lisa Chandler, one of the ARCH Connect Early Resource Nurses, feels compassion for what many are going through during these difficult times:

“It’s normal to have anxiety and feel helpless during COVID-19. You may be concerned about your health, your finances, your loved ones, & your future. Give your family and friends certainty during these uncertain times. Consider the care you want and communicate your wishes to your loved ones.”

ARCH Connect is here to help. “We may be self-isolating, but we are not alone,” Lisa expresses. “We are a team of Resource Nurses that can provide free advice on how to start these conversations, explain what a Substitute Decision Maker is (and who that person is), and walk you through what your options for future care are. We have books, tools and games, as well as a wealth of knowledge that we can provide to help you through these difficult conversations.”

If you’re interested in starting to have these discussions with your loved ones and health care providers, please connect with our Early Resource Nurses, Lisa and Alisha at 705-942-1556 extension 235, or visit our website at We’ve also developed a video series that delves into what Advance Care Planning is, and shows the questions and discussions we have had with our own families. You can even join in on the conversation on Facebook and Instagram by asking questions, or sharing your talks about your wishes using #sharing4caring or #yourcareyourwishes.