NPF statement regarding ongoing investigation in Nova Scotia


National Police Federation (NPF) President Brian Sauvé released the following statement regarding the ongoing investigation into the tragic shooting in Nova Scotia on April 19:

“Canadians and Nova Scotians are grieving and the Membership of the RCMP is grieving alongside you. Particularly with no obvious or known motive, this incomprehensible event has left Canadians and Nova Scotians understandably on edge, searching for answers about how and why this tragic event took place. Some are asking questions about difficult senior operational decisions, without considering how little information is available to our first responders on the ground protecting the public in the middle of a rapidly evolving and highly dangerous crisis.

“We thank our brave and dedicated Members for their swift actions and courage and recognize the heroic actions by our Members in this dynamic and tragic file. We welcome the investigation to document those actions and show all Canadians those efforts.

“Early speculation in advance of the investigation findings damages the morale of the brave men and women who responded to this situation, and who are grieving the loss of their colleague and community members.

“I hope Canadians join us in allowing the investigation into this tragic event to unfold as it should and focus now on mourning the senseless loss of life, showing the families of all the victims that we are united behind them.”