Ontario college ‘optimistic’ students will return to campus this fall

Ross Romano

One Ontario college says it is “optimistic” students will be able to return on campus for classes in the fall.

Sheridan College says it is preparing to welcome students in September, but adds it is also working on contingency plans in case physical distancing measures meant to curb the spread of COVID-19 remain in place.

Those plans include remote learning and staggered access to campus.

Colleges and universities across Canada have had to switch to online classes as the pandemic forced them to close their campuses.

Many schools have said it’s still unclear what the fall semester will look like as the public health emergency changes daily.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford this week unveiled a series of steps for reopening the province but would not give a timeline for that process to begin.

The minister in charge of Ontario’s post-secondary education system, Ross Romano, said earlier this month he anticipates an increase in post-pandemic enrolment.


  1. Ford, schools, doctors even Ross Romano seem to have a very annoyingly high opinion of themselves.. the one thing we all seem to be learning from this bungled ‘plandemic’ is that we don’t really need ‘Big-Government’ as much as they think we do.

    Little Justin thinks he can throw our money at us & we’re all just going to sit & slobber all over ourselves.. these people are so far out of touch with reality they’re almost pitiful.

    It didn’t even dawn on them that these college & university kids might not go back in September.

    In fact, a good portion of them may never go back at all & I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they all lined up out front and mooned the facility.

    Remember kids, these parasites need you more then you need them. Why not show them what ‘real’ fear looks like. This September, take a sabbatical from tyranny.. just sayin’.

    Strange daze indeed..

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