Ontario reports 421 new COVID-19 cases, 17 new deaths


Ontario is reporting 421 new COVID-19 cases today and 17 new deaths.

That brings the province to a total of 7,470 cases, including 291 deaths and 3,357 cases that have been resolved.

It’s an increase of six per cent over Sunday’s total, continuing a relatively low growth rate over the past several days.

The number of patients in hospital — 760 — rose slightly, but rates of patients in intensive care and on ventilators remained relatively stable.

Premier Doug Ford expressed frustration last week that Ontario has been testing for COVID-19 well below its capacity of 13,000 a day.

And while the province has said it will do 8,000 tests daily by Wednesday, just over 5,000 were completed in the last 24 hours.

There have been at least 89 COVID-19 outbreaks reported in long-term care homes across the province.



  1. More people than that died from suicide overdose cancer cardiopulmonary death but the news won’t tell us about those tests it’s just if you got this bug your shows by the Chinese it’s b******* and I’m not going to be a sheep

  2. In some places it’s said that people that are already on their death beds from other life long illnesses, but if they happen to catch a flu the day before they die their deaths are attributed to Covid – 19 or Carona virus to inflate the data to keep the panic and hysteria alive and well so governments can manipulate people much easier. I’m not stating this as fact, but don’t always believe everything you hear is my advice.

  3. Why does he keep beating around the bush when questioned as to why it will take so long to raise the amount of tests completed daily. He claims there is no reason it can’t happen right away, no lack of resources, no shortages of anything. Yet he avoids giving an answer to the question. Today he appeared to be trying to the throw the medical community under the bus.

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