Ontario set to release data on how many could die of COVID-19


TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford is set to release data today showing how many people could die of COVID-19 under a number of different scenarios.

Ford says the numbers may be hard to hear and should serve as a wake-up call for some Ontario residents.

But he says the public has the right to have access to the same information as him when making decisions about their health.

Ford describes the situation as extremely serious and is urging everyone to practise physical distancing as much as possible.

Medical experts will provide a briefing that includes the new data, but few details were immediately available.

Provincewide, there were nearly 2,800 cases of COVID-19 as of yesterday, including 53 deaths and 831 resolved.


  1. Perfect, let all the arm chair medical professionals, political, business & statistical experts who have received their degrees via fb memes; misread, misinterpret and misunderstand the models so they can spread paranoia & hysteria further…. sounds like a good plan

  2. Because people aren’t getting it, still letting kids hang with friends, still going out for no reason, still going to visit boy/ girl friends. Believe me it’s not near to being ok, as a essential front line worker I would appreciate if people would get it. So I can see my elderly parents and spend time with family. Then we can be hopeful to get back to normal. Just my opinion. Be safe please🙏

  3. well thats the wrong way to give hope.. how about telling us how many will get over it.. because I gotta tell you when we have to DIG for the positive info. did you know over 110k people HAVE GOTTEN better? its a scarey situtation out there and youre making it worse for people who are relying on you to give them the WHOLE story not just the scary tactics and sensationalized b.s.

    • I understand what your asking, but from a political level we are still seeing people NOT isolating. So instead of pushing numbers that will downplay the severity its better to show what could happen if we dont flatten the curve. Spreading any positive information about this virus right now is negligent and dangerous to the public.

    • Lorraine Rae Anne pick one..
      1. Hey everyone dont worry %98 of people recover. So chances are if you get sick you’ll be ok..

      2. Stay home because this is a dangerous and fast spreading virus..

      That is the equivalent of what your asking.
      If your too blind to see this is a globally impacting event and just want to see the “positive news” you deserve to take your chances and can step to the front of the line.

    • Autumn-Di Manzutti as much as the good news is nice to hear, there are people out there that need a rude awaking. Their not getting it
      Went shopping, seen groups of 4 people shopping. How do you stay 6 feet away. When they take up the whole isle laughing talking spreading germs. There are reasons for the distancing I understand some people need help. But really people this is serious. What is happening in the big cities is going to happen here if we dont listen. You feel good, but HOW do you know you don’t have it??? You dont until it’s to late and your are responsible for killing someone. There is no way to candy coat it. I have family and many friends that I hope to see when this is over. So for the time being stay home go out only for the essentials, they say what we do for the next couple of weeks will make a difference. SO STAY HOME

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