Open Air Burning Ban Results In a Charges


Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services imposed a community wide open-air burning ban effective noon, March 23, 2020, with a reminder to the public on April 2.  Since this time, Fire Services has proceeded with charges on over 10 city residents for having open-air burning fires within the community.

As the open-air burning ban will continue into the foreseeable future, Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services will continue to pursue legal action regarding anyone caught burning under this ban.

“Although it is a holiday weekend, we would like to remind members of the community that the open-air burning ban remains in effect,” stated Fire Chief Peter Johnson. “The community must understand that this ban was instated to ensure frontline resources are not responding to complaints and non-emergency calls, unnecessarily.  The community must adhere to this ban or face charges under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. We have had some community members that have decided not to abide by the ban and it has resulted in charges.”

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act prescribes fines for contraventions of the Ontario Fire Code to be up to $50,000 and/or imprisonment.


  1. it’s not about the fire dept tying up their staff its about putting their staff in direct contact with the public risking them unnecessarily getting the virus from someone . a drive by for bday for kids does not put them in direct contact but if you by chance start a fire you are unecessarily putting theirs lives at risk for the virus

  2. If you want to have fires and flames flying around just open up a crack house and invite ,tons of people over all kinds of torches and flames and the cops won’t do nothing .
    Stay safe folks my sarcastic joke for the day lol

    • Duane Shaughnessy my point exactly. I’ve seen posts saying the fire dep will do drive by parade for a kid’s birthday but they are to busy to be bothered with a bonfire… wtf sense does that make

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