Ottawa police officers accused of providing info to tow-truck drivers for fees

Ottawa Police

OTTAWA — Three Ottawa police officers have been arrested and charged on allegations they provided information on vehicle accidents to certain tow-truck drivers in the city for a fee.

The RCMP announced the arrests of constables Hussein Assaad, Kevin Putinski and Andrew Chronopoulos this morning following a 10-month investigation that was sparked by a request for help last summer by the Ottawa Police Service.

All three officers face charges of breach of trust and accepting secret commissions.

Assaad also faces charges of obstruction of justice, providing unauthorized access to confidential police databases and conspiracy to commit break and enter and theft while Putinski faces one count of fraud under $5,000.

Three Ottawa residents have also arrested and charged in connection with the investigation.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly says the allegations against the officers are very serious and will likely shake public confidence and trust in the service, but that he is taking steps to increase accountability within the force.