Premier Doug Ford to lay out plan today to reopen Ontario economy


TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford is expected today to lay out his plan for reopening the province’s economy, which has been largely locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The premier, alongside the ministers of health, finance and economic development, is set to present a framework for recovery this afternoon.

The province declared a state of emergency in mid-March in an effort to help curb the spread of the virus, ordering the closure of any businesses it deemed non-essential.

The state of emergency was recently extended until mid-May.

The province has also introduced a $17-billion relief package that includes an influx of cash for the health sector, direct payments to parents, and tax breaks for businesses.

Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick have already announced tentative timelines for reopening their economies.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 27, 2020.

The Canadian Press


  1. All you people whining about this virus need to seriously take a step back and worry about yourselves if you think you’re doing so much better than others then continue to do that, getting overly stressed over everyone else’s actions… Where is that getting you? besides being angry every second of the day. People need to calm the hell down. Being stressed isn’t helping you any. Doug ford is doing the best he can. Especially with how many people are getting mad at him. If you’re that scared stay inside for the next decade so nothing will happen to you.

  2. Robert Clarke this is not an easy job for Ford. He has a lot of business yelling at him to open . He is trying his best to please everyone. I personally think he is doing a great job. People are not easy to deal with.

  3. Bobby Davey,
    I never voted for him cause I thought he was like his brother. He is a little crazy I think. But recently I think Doug Ford was doing not bad keeping us safe, but restarting economy right now is a little too soon.
    Once the number of cases go down might be a better time.

  4. All of you crybabies act like he’s opening up today. Stay home if you feel not safe at all. People like you are the reasons people rebel.

    But for the rest of us, it’ll be nice to know what’s going on and it’ll make ppl listen knowing there’s an end game soon.

    • Krystyna Smallpiece if you research how previous viruses staged from the 1817 pandemic onwards there is always a “bump” or subsequent waves of a virus ( including the seasonal virus ). I don’t know if this virus if natural or military made but it is following established pandemics.

    • Ivana Filice so you think doctors who have degrees and are trying to help are just conspiracy theorists? Covid its self doesnt kill people. It’s a factor but not the cause of death. If you actually research you’ll see that deaths have gone down this year. Oh and suddenly death by basically anything else is now ruled covid19. The science shows that its not that deadly but the media and the people who want to enslave everyone are in charge of which information is given out. And any of the doctors that have tried to speak out about it get shut up and they disappear or lose their job.

    • Krystyna Smallpiece oh you are missing the point by relying on these few drs who are grand standing. NO ONE on earth has immunity to this virus whereby we do have vax fir seasonal flu. Does seasonal flu result in death amongst vulnerable populations ? Yes. But the rest of us have immunity. But you go ahead take your life in your own hands

    • To get immunity to anything you have to go outside, how are we to do that if we are being forced to stay indoors. They are inflating the numbers to scare people into isolating themselves and reporting others so that when they have the “vaccine” and ID chip ready everyone is bankrupt and has to take a handout from the government. I don’t trust this id chip because its probably not a short step from controlling people’s nervous system so they have full control over you.

    • Ivana Filice space movies? I don’t know what you mean but okay lol 🤔 well 9 cases where I am and all recovered. So are you saying just because the doctor didn’t say this to me in person, its invalid? They are doctors too and they posted that so people can see it and open theirs eyes.

    • Krystyna Smallpiece countries who were fortunate enough to place measures in place were spared the crisis situation that Italy France UK Iran now USA Russia are experiencing. The virus NEEDS human cells to survive. There are NO chips that are going to be injected into you ! The vax will be like the seasonal flu vax or measles vax or shingles vax ..I will NOT be the first in line to receive this vax as I want proper Canadian testing in it first. But I imagine we will not be able to travel without a vax not send kids to school or maybe not even work without the vax. But you decide what you want to do …..

  5. Good forward thinking which is needed. We cannot be on lock down forever. With a plan in place people are more likely to see an end in sight and happier to comply. We need to learn to live with this while still being safe. Small businesses are going bankrupt and the healthcare system is already strained. The mental health Feild is going to explode.

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