RV Donations To Support Frontline Workers


SAULT STE. MARIE: As frontline workers continue to work towards stopping the spread of Covid-19, going to work is only half the battle. The other half is keeping family members safe from any potential risks. In helping to keep frontline workers from cross-contaminating at home, a new Facebook group is here to support those on the frontline battle by providing RVs or trailers for frontline workers to self-isolate. 

“The brief is that we are matching frontline workers in need of a safe place to quarantine with available RVs and trailers, all of which, so far, have been donated. This is done via our Facebook page, and we, the administrators/volunteers, work to match people,” said Marney Carmichael, RVs for Canada Frontline volunteer. 

“We log the posted Facebook request for the RV or trailer then we work to find one in their geographic location. If someone has an RV or trailer to donate they simply post the offer on our page. Some matches have been made organically on our Facebook page when group members see requests or offers in their area.”

Marney Carmichael, born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, is the media rep for RVs for Canada’s Frontline and enlightened SaultOnline on the efforts to match frontline workers across Canada with available RVs/trailers to safely self-quarantine. The Facebook group was created in early April by Ashley Oriet of Windsor, Ontario and already has over 1,600 members.

“Ashley and I both read about an RV donation Facebook group in the US news. I had contacted the US group about being their Canadian contact. Meanwhile, Ashley created a Canadian version. I found RVs for Canada’s Frontline on Facebook and contacted Ashley to volunteer.”

The group is led by 10 volunteers and is open for frontline workers to request an RV. The volunteer/administrative team will then go on the hunt to match an RV with the request.

Once the RVs/trailers are matched and before handing the keys over, all RV/trailers are sanitized. Everyone is asked to adhere to social distancing, and the person loaning is asked how far they are willing to drive to deliver the RV/trailer.

Currently, the group has been able to match 120 frontline workers with RVs for safe quarantine. Carmichael also shares the recent partnership with Martin’s Trailers & Accessories in Sault Ste. Marie. The Facebook group is open to the public, and anyone willing to donate an RV or trailer is encouraged to share.


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