Salvation Army’s Ongoing Community Support


According to Statistics Canada, more than one million job losses occurred in the month of March. As Covid-19 continues to sweep the nation, many residents are concerned with income and how to provide for their families. Food banks across the province have seen a steep drop, and the number of clients has increased. The Salvation Army in Sault Ste. Marie is operating differently and is overwhelmed with support from local businesses in the Sault Ste. Marie area. In an interview with Major Sean Furey, Corps Officer, he expressed his joy that the amount of food they have will sustain for up to 8 -10 weeks. Furey shares how his team is helping to Flatten The Curve and outlines the new measures in place for clients to access food banks. The Salvation Army hasn’t been advertising for donations because they haven’t needed to. Businesses have not hesitated to assist and show their support, as we are all in this together and all affected by the new changes.

At this time, the Salvation Army is asking if anyone has plastics bags to donate them kindly. As the number of clients increases, so does the number of bags that go out their doors. For more information and if you’d like to volunteer at the Salvation Army, please call 705-759-4143, and for an emergency, the hotline number is always available at 705-971-7459 or visit