Tenth confirmed case of COVID-19 reported by Algoma Public Health

COVID-19 in Algoma

The Algoma Public Health is reporting a new confirmed case in the Algoma District. A male in his 60s has was tested on April 3rd which came back positive for the virus.

Although information is vague, it is reported that he became infected due to close contact from international travel and is currently self-isolating.

As of today, a total of 721 tests have been performed with 10 returned positive, 472 returned negative and 239 still pending.

The Public Health Agency of Canada posts information on COVID-19 exposures on flights, cruise ships and mass gatherings.

For the latest stories and a list of credible information resources, visit the SaultOnline COVID-19 Flatten the Curve page.


  1. This is just a thought that came to me as I was reading all the comments. If you don’t care and are acting like everyone is infected, why are you arguing with those who want to know more info but are not being invasive to others privacy. If you don’t care, quit reading the comments and go on with your own life, if you are in need of a little more clarity please continue to ask your questions for your own peace of mind. Trying to stop others from asking questions is infringing on their freedom. They may or may not get the answers they are looking for but if you’re not part of the solution then you are being part of the problem.

  2. Some of this information is public knowledge where I am. There’s a government website that shows you where each infected person has been in the last two weeks and what their current health status is. It doesn’t say names but it does help give more information so people can stay safe and avoid certain areas of our town for a few days so the government can disinfect and clean

  3. (Edited as this may have come across a bit unintentionally directed) The location is in Algoma. That’s honestly all (we) really need to know. Numbers are increasing and we haven’t peaked yet so (we need) to keep doing what (we’re) supposed to be doing.

  4. Act like everyone has it. Do your part. There is no need to tell anyone which street they live on or which little town they live in. It’s a ridiculous ask in my opinion. Don’t think for a second that it will be on your street and gossip queens don’t tell you! You’ll know if it’s your neighbours. Stay home – do your part.

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