How have you been?  How are you handling all of this?  What has been keeping you busy? I have so many questions and wish that I could have individual conversations with each one of you.  Since I am at home and not able to leave our property, I have a bit of extra time on my hands to catch up on some writing.  I hope that you are managing as well as possible.  I hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy.

Even though I have managed to keep extremely busy, between nursing some ailments, cleaning, organizing, remodelling, walking, sorting, and paperwork, it is beginning to feel a bit like “Groundhog Day.”  I tend to enjoy quiet time and downtime, but it has been a stark change of pace after working full weekdays before all of this.

For the first several days, I was so appreciative of the extra time to catch up on laundry, feel more organized, rest when needed, and have no expectations for leaving the house.  At this point, I am appreciative that this is only temporary, as unknown as this timeframe may be.  My heart is aching to see my grandchildren and family, and I am feeling like a prisoner on house arrest and doing my very best to structure my days in a way that gives me some sense of control.

For anyone who has read some of my past articles, I do my best to stay positive, look ahead, and put a helpful spin on things that are happening.  I continue to do that, while also experiencing times of frustration, aggravation, sadness, worry, and concern.  This world pandemic is rocking people in such unique ways.  Individuals and families are in varying situations, and it is affecting everyone differently.

Whether you are someone who has to continue to work, as usual, you are confined to your home, or you have to go out in the community for supplies and carefully return home to your family, everyone is affected.

This is a scary time.  We are living without a clear vision of where we will be in the next weeks or months ahead.  The only comfort for me is knowing that this will eventually settle down.  We are doing our best to project several months forward, keep ourselves busy in the meantime, continue to set goals, plan and manage the change in finances, have chores that occupy our time and stay as healthy as possible along the way.

I am sorry for any of you who are struggling during this time.  I hope that you can reach out and talk with someone, let someone know that you are having a bad day, need to problem solve an issue, or need to chat.  I hope that you can set some goals during these difficult days and for your future when this calms down.

On that note, my wishlist for today is deep cleaning the bedroom (curtains washed, dusting, bedding, and floors) and then walking in the yard and sitting outside for some sunshine and fresh air.

Between staying busy and focusing on all of the things we are grateful for, I know that we are a couple of the lucky ones in all of this.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, I send you some extra strength for dealing with your situation.

If you would like to reach out or comment, you can send an email to [email protected] or connect on Facebook.  Take care of yourself and each other.  Thank you for reading today.