Total number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario passes 10,000, 36 new deaths reported


TORONTO — The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases passed the 10,000 mark in Ontario today as the province reported 485 new cases of the virus.

Health officials also reported 36 more deaths, bringing the toll to 514.

The Ministry of Health says 4,875 cases are resolved.

There are 828 people in hospital with the illness, and 250 of them are in intensive care.

The majority of people in intensive care are also on ventilators.

Premier Doug Ford is set to make an announcement about the province’s fight against the virus this afternoon.


  1. Every day before Trudeau comes on it is talked about. How many world wide that have it. Died and recovered.
    Then Canada and Ontario.
    11:00 a.m. every day watch listen and learn.

    • Bradley Shaw just go to worldometer. Sheesh why is everybody so lazy. You obviously have the internet and are able to use google. As of today over 500,000 people have recovered world wide. I’m sure you can find out that number in Canada and even Ontario. Just google it.

    • Roxanne Rissanem well it’s nice to find such a hard working individual as you thank you for pointing out how lazy I am! I hope too some day be as faultless as the great and mighty Roxanne Rissanem. I hope too one day live up too your standards! But until than pound sand.

    • Craig Huckerby I guess they do I just keep seeing headlines like this one that doesn’t mention recoveries, and just gives that sense of disaster without hope that people are beating this.

  2. Can we get some statics say for many people died of the flu in ontario with ages and overall health too…. not say this is not sad nor serious I’d just like to see facts…

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