Trump hosts call with Trudeau and G7 amid differences on COVID-19 restrictions


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his fellow G7 leaders are being hosted today by an impatient American president far more anxious than they appear to be to ease restrictions meant to control the spread of COVID-19.

President Donald Trump is leading a teleconference today with his counterparts because the U.S. holds the rotating chair of the G7 this year.

Trump has expressed enthusiasm about easing restrictions to reboot the American economy ahead of the November presidential election.

Trudeau said Wednesday that as impatient as people are to reopen businesses and ease social distancing, it would be “terrible” to prematurely ease restrictions and suddenly cause another big wave of the virus.

Other G7 countries enter today’s meeting facing an array of formidable challenges in their own fights against the pandemic.

The G7 also includes Germany, Britain, Japan, France, Italy and the European Union.



  1. XI Jinping held back information about the virus for 6 days. Trump knew about it in early January and played it down, saying it’s only one person, it will pass, nothing to worry about, etc. Both were negligent! Trump, being who he is, naturally tries to deflect all blame away from himself. He never takes responsibility for his stupid actions and always tries to build himself up, always!

  2. It’s very obvious that Trump wants a bigger burden on world leaders so it just doesn’t look like it’s his country that’s taking the biggest hit. As long as everyone disagrees the rest of the G7 would be appreciated for the effort they put in early to not lead to the disaster in the United States

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