Algoma Public Health Claims 21st Confirmed COVID-19 Case


Algoma Public Health confirms another case of Covid-19 in the area.

This brings to total 21 confirmed cases in the district of Algoma including Sault Ste. Marie.

The person is self-isolating after testing positive on May 20 said a release issued Saturday.

•       Close contacts have been notified

•       Unknown exposure is evidence of ongoing community spread in Sault Ste. Marie & Area

•       Community spread remains possible and likely in all regions of Algoma

•       All Algoma residents must continue to practice physical distancing because any close contact could be a possible exposure



  1. I agree with lisa gjos and chuck, I say open everything up, whoever wants to go out can go out if you dont stayhome. It’s not going to go away until it runs its course and this staying inside bit is just prolonging it. It’s not as bad as they first made it out to be, economically and mentally are the biggest worry out of all of this, its worst than the virus itself!!!

    • It’s terrifying. 10 weeks – 21 cases, 0 deaths, 0 intubations, 0 ICU admissions, 0 hospitalizations. Massive debt, loss of income, business insolvencies, lost tax revenue, mental breakdowns, skyrocketing domestic abuse, child anxiety, elderly and infirm loved ones left to die alone, overall well being of general population.

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