Centre Ice Bar & Grill open for takeout and delivery


Centre Ice Bar & Grill located at The Community First Soo Pee Wee Arena, is now open for delivery and takeout options. Since the bar closed its doors on March 12, it has now been reopened to the public for the past three weeks. After their initial closure Centre Ice Bar & Grill donated their stored food to the local soup kitchen to assist in aiding those in need. Since the doors have now reponed customers can order their favourite pub food by calling 705-575-7200 and picking up at the side entrance or check out the Algoma Market to place your order. In an exclusive interview with Natalie, a fellow employee at Centre Ice Bar & Grill she enlights the audience on the new breakfast program the bar is offering and discusses the recent “Hero Cookie” initiative. Individuals can purchase a head-sized cookie and have a special message written on them to be delivered to their hero. As of next Wednesday (May 27), Centre Ice Bar & Grill will be donated $3.50 of every cookie sold to the Aiken Family.  To order this cookie, contact Tony at 705-943-1866 or by email at tony[email protected]