Chamber partners with FanSaves Helps Gift Certificate Program


With local businesses forced to close or reduce their hours amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the newly launched FanSaves Helps Gift Certificate Program is helping give business owners a boost across the country and in the Sault Ste. Marie region.

The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the program which features gift certificates from local businesses that can be used once things get back to normal. A newly added feature allows buyers to donate their gift certificates directly to frontline hospital workers in their area as well.

“We noticed some regions were starting their own gift certificate programs so we decided to create a one-stop-shop and a hub for gift certificates from local businesses in partnership with Chambers, BIAs and organizations in regions across Canada. This is our way of giving back during this time” explained FanSaves Co-Founder & CEO, Shannon Ferguson.

To take it one step further and help even more people, FanSaves teamed up with HourThanks to give people the option to donate their gift certificates to frontline workers at local hospitals, if they’re in the giving spirit.

“Giving back to hospital workers is one of our main missions. We wanted to be sure they could be celebrated during this time and the gift certificate program allows people to say thanks in a cool way” said Blake Daly, founder of HourThanks.

The program is completely free for businesses to take part in and is already helping over 250 businesses in 30 communities. The Shopify site encourages social distancing and allows businesses to stay afloat and generate revenue while the world tackles the current crisis.

The buying process is simple. Visitors to the website are able to select the business they want to support in their region (or the region of a friend or family member), click on the preferred denomination and checkout (or donate). They will then receive a digital gift certificate which they can print out and use once things get back to normal.

“We began to distribute the program information to some of our member businesses last week and we are quite happy with the response. We already have ten local businesses taking part and we hope to see many more signing up,” notes Rory Ring, CEO of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce. “The process for businesses to get on-board is quick and simple. They input some basic information about their business, upload their logo and FansSaves Helps does the rest. We hope that local businesses will take the time to sign up and that our community will get behind the program and help support those businesses taking part.”

For more information and to buy a gift certificate you can visit If you would like to add your business to the FanSaves Helps program, please contact the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce or visit