Clean North Contact-less Mulch Giveaway


Clean North will be giving away mulch from chipped Christmas trees again this year, just in a new contact-less format for the event.

The event will be held on May 30th, George Leach Centre at Algoma University from 9 a.m. to noon. Special guidelines will be in place given the current COVID-19 pandemic and it is important that anyone who is planning to get mulch, review these guidelines and come properly prepared.

  • You must be in line by noon to receive mulch.
  • This event is totally DIY (Clean North volunteers will not be shovelling/lifting your bins) so bring your own bins and ideally a garden/pitch fork (better for mulch than shovels are).
  • Bring a family family member/roommate to help you lift bins (if needed).
  • To reduce need to lift, consider lining your trunk/back of vehicle with a tarp instead of using bins.
  • When you arrive, wait in line till you are waved ahead to the mulch pile.
  • When waved ahead, drive up and fill bins/back of vehicle as quickly as possible (15 minute time limit if people are waiting).
  • Do not approach or try to give money to Clean North volunteers — donate through the Clean North home page (
  • Do not get 2 within metres of anyone who does not live with you.
  • Consider wearing a cloth face mask to reduce risk.

Other Clean North products will not be available at this event. To access Clean North products, email [email protected].


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