Cold Mother’s Day Weekend – Not That Unusual For The Sault


While other areas of Northern Ontario actually saw accumulating snow yesterday, Sault Ste. Marie will basically just have to deal with some cold temperatures this Mother’s Day weekend.

The colder than usual Spring weather is courtesy a chunk of cold arctic air that has wrapped around a low pressure system. As that low pressure system slides easterly, it drags some of that cold air with it.  It was cold enough yesterday to leave about 5 to 10cm of snow in Sudbury and Timmins. The Sault experienced strong NW winds as the cold front advanced.

The cold weather at this time of year is not all that unusual if you look at the record books.

The coldest temperature in the Sault recorded on this date (May 8) was -6.7 c in 1966. By contrast the warmest temperature was 27.2 in 2000.  For Mother’s Day (May 10) the forecast high is 5c, certainly not Spring-like  but in 1947 the record low for May 10 came in at a chilly -8.7  while the warmest year for May 10 was 30c in 1993.

May is typically a weird month, it can start cold and end very warm. This year, it appears we fall into the colder than normal column.

The colder air will remain locked in place until at least mid week next week when temperatures rebound to  almost “seasonal” values of 11c or 12c . The average temperature daytime high at this time of year is 15c .

Long range forecast for May sees the month below average temperature wise and near normal for precipitation .


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